Thermo welded seamless structure case
High quality handmade leather/PU case
Digital printing PC/PU case
High quality Nylon/Polyester woven fabrics
Real leather-like PU/Microfiber fabrics
High functional special fabrics
Mypop Inc. is leading manufacturer of textile and mobile accessory based in South Korea.
We have made our name as a leading manufacturer by producing the world leading brand products based on OEM and ODM.
Our network of best in class strategic partners along with our weaving mills, mobile case assembly line, design studio and R&D center
allows us to provide high quality products from materials to finished goods.
Our engineers and designers experienced over decade always strive to maximize clients' and end-users' potential.
OEM/ODM Mobile cases
High quality synthetic fabrics
  • Our experienced product
    development and engineering
    teams differentiate us from
    traditional manufacturers. We
    offer the most up-to-date
    technical solutions for many
    of world best known and most
    respected brands, and we
    enable them to bring world
    best quality products to
    market in time.
  • We assure supplying top
    quality products in compliance
    with customer's requirement
    by skillful technicians and
    advanced quality control
    system. Quality is top priority
    value for all our employees
    and cooperation partners. We
    always aim to offer our cus-
    tomers' quality products
    reflect this commitment to
  • Our vertically integrated
    manufacturing system from
    materials to finished goods
    offers improvement of prod-
    ucts. Own developed materi-
    als and own assembly line are
    key competitiveness that
    enables us to offer innovative
  • Our own convertible automa-
    tion facilities allows saving
    production cost and shorten-
    ing production lead time. Our
    engineering team designs
    and develops mechanical
    systems depending on prod-
    uct type flexibly in order to
    enhance production effi-

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